FOCUS Pre-order Giveaway!!

In today's market, pre-orders are incredibly important for the success of any book.  So to reward those who chose to pre-order my new book, FOCUS, I'm giving away some custom-created companions to FOCUS that won't be available to anyone else.   

These include:

  • A link to a free one-hour video webinar, in which I'll explain the key concepts of FOCUS and how you can use them to be happier and more successful in your own life.

  • A downloadable PDF workbook to help you put the lessons of FOCUS into practice.

  • A chance to win a copy of my new forthcoming e-book, The 8 Motivational Types: A Short Guide to Lighting a Fire Under Anyone - Including Yourself

To receive the webinar and PDF, as well as the chance to win my new e-book, simply preorder FOCUS before April 17, 2013.  Then, send a copy of your electronic receipt to:

Both the PDF and webinar will be ready to distribute in February.

Want to learn more about FOCUS?  Here's the book trailer:

Thank you so much!



  1. Love the pre-order idea for my Kindle. Howsoever when I clicked through to Amazon, no go. I have sent a comment to Amazon seeking a reply by e-mail as to why I can't complete the transaction. First time this has happened. I am an Amazon Prime member if that matters? Thanks. Stephen "Steve" Q Shannon

  2. Tried to pre-order FOCUS via Amazon without success. Sent them an e-mail. fyi Thanks. sQs

  3. I would love to buy a kindle version of the book. How do I do that? It doesn't allow you to in Amazon?

  4. Hi Heidi,

    Does this "FOCUS Pre-order Giveaway" applicable even when i make purchases at audible book from


  5. Hi Quinby, Morwenna, & Anon,

    Not sure why the pre-order button isn't appearing or working for you for the Kindle version. It really should be - unless you are outside the U.S., in which case sometimes weird things happen with other countries' versions of Amazon. I will look into it, but Amazon is very slow to respond to authors :)

    And yes, purchase of the book in any form from any outlet absolutely counts for the preorder giveaway! Just send the receipt to

    Thank you all so much!